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Belize Permanent Residency

Updated on Friday 08th October 2021

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Belize Permanent Residency.jpgBelize permanent residency is awarded to certain categories of foreign nationals who have been lawfully living in the country for a minimum time. The conditions are also related to the number of days the applicant has left the country as well as financial stability.
The permanent residency application process is one that takes place with the Immigration Office and part of the steps also involve the Police Department. Working with a team of qualified professionals during this time is recommended to investors who are ready to apply.
We present the main steps for becoming a permanent resident in this article and we also offer in-depth answers about the process if you reach out to us with your inquiries. We also assist investors to wish to open a company in Belize prior to considering residency.

The steps for obtaining Belize permanent residency

Several conditions are essential for those who wish to become permanent residents:
  • - Minimum period: the applicant needs to have been legally residing in the country for at least 1 year at the time of the submission;
  • - Departure time: during the minimum one-year period, the individual left the country for no more than 14 days;
  • - Financial means: the applicant needs to be able to show that he is and will continue to be financially stable; this can be the case for those who choose to open a company in Belize;
  • - No convictions: the individuals cannot be convicted by aby court, in any country, for a criminal offence for which the sentence was of imprisonment of 12 months of more (also, he must not have received a fee pardon for such as offence).
It is important to note that permanent residency is preceded by the temporary residence which can be a suitable option for investors as it is offered for a period of one year (subject to renewal) and it is offered to those who have made an investment in Belize of at least 500,000 BZ$.
The application process for obtaining Belize permanent residency includes six main steps, which are summarized below by our specialists:
  1. Prepare the documents
  2. Submit the application
  3. Go through the interview with the Immigration Office
  4. Complete the interview with the Police Department
  5. Receive the notification from the Immigration Office in respect of the approval or the need to submit additional documents
  6. Pay the permanent residence fee
The residence card is collected from the Immigration Office within 5 days after the fee payment.
The fees for obtaining Belize permanent residency depend on the applicant’s nationality and are exemplified below by our company formation agents:
  • - CARICOM country national: $1,000;
  • - Central American country national, Mexican or Dominical Republic nationals: $1,500;
  • - Commonwealth country national: $3,000;
  • - European country national: $6,000;
  • - Foreign nationals from other countries: $4,000.
There is also a fee for the replacement of a lost, stolen or damages residence card with the value of BZ$300. All fees are in Belize dollars.
Please keep in mind that these fees can be subject to change and were valid at the time this article was written.

Needed documents for the Belize permanent residency application

Original documents are presented when making an application for obtaining permanent residency. Our team lists these below:
  1. Passport: the passport is accompanies by copies of the pages that include the applicant’s information details and all visa pages;
  2. Medical certificate: this is filled in by a Belize licensed medical practitioner and a preliminary medical examination form is also submitted (stamped by the issuing medical center or hospital);
  3. Police record: this is a document that only has a 6-month validity date, issued by the Belize authorities;
  4. Proof of financial means: the applicant submits proof that he is employed by a business in Belize, is self-employed, retired, receiving income outside Belize or other situations;
  5. Other documents: two recent photographs (according to special specifications) as well as documentation for the spouse and children, if they accompany the applicant (conditions apply).
For more information on the legal requirements, as well as the legal implications of becoming a Belize permanent resident, as set forth by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Immigration, please do not hesitate to reach out to our agents. We can advise you on how to open a company in Belize and, at the same time, if you qualify for residency.
Contact us if you are ready to apply for Belize permanent residency. We specialize in advising local and foreign investors on company formation matters, however, we are also able to assist you if you are a foreign investor who has been living in the country temporarily and is now ready to become a personal resident.


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