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Company Formation Belize


Opening an IBC in Belize Compared to the Bahamas


Belize, the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, Panama or Seychelles are just some examples of popular offshore company jurisdictions worldwide. While they all share similarities in terms of ease of company formation and low or no taxes at all, there are important differences that need to be taken into consideration by investors. Our Belize company formation agents talk about the similarities and the most important advantage of opening an offshore company in Belize, compared to the Bahamas.

Opening an IBC in Belize Compared to Panama


Belize and other financial offshore centers each have their advantages for investors. Choosing between the advantages and benefits they have to offer is an important step when deciding to open an offshore company. Our Belize company formation agents compare the Panama jurisdiction to Belize.

Reasons Why Belize is Considered a Tax Haven


Belize has a very well-developed offshore financial sector. The country offers a number of quality services for offshore, among which the ability to incorporate an International Business Company or IBC, which is the preferred business form for those who want to open a company in Belize. The country has several key features that make it a true tax haven, among which the taxation principles and financial privacy.

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