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Opening an IBC in Belize Compared to Panama

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Belize and other financial offshore centers each have their advantages for investors. Choosing between the advantages and benefits they have to offer is an important step when deciding to open an offshore company. Our Belize company formation agents compare the Panama jurisdiction to Belize.

Offshore company incorporation in Panama

The Republic of Panama is known as a popular international offshore company location and business center. The laws here are permissive for foreign investors who want to open an offshore company and the country only enforces a set of information-sharing treaties in the case of drug offenses.
Like the Belize International Business Company, Panama also offers a type of company used for offshore purposes, also known as an International Business Company. Nevertheless, although Panama is a very well-known offshore center, investors may find that the costs associated with company formation in Belize are lower than in the case of Panama. 

Offshore company incorporation in Belize

Belize is one of the offshore jurisdictions that have become more popular in the last ten years. Like Panama, the Cayman Islands or Seychelles, Belize has laws and regulations that promote investor confidentiality.
The Belize company registration process is a straightforward one and investors can use a Belize IBC for purposes like offshore banking, international trade or asset protection. These uses are common in all offshore jurisdictions, however, Belize has developed and maintained a very comprehensive confidentiality protection law.
You can contact our Belize company formation agents for a complete offer of our company incorporation package and prices, compared to those in Panama.


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