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Opening an Offshore Company in Anguilla Compared to Belize

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Both Belize and Anguilla are attractive offshore destinations where foreign investors can incorporate an International Business Company. As all offshore jurisdictions, both Belize and Anguilla offer important advantages, most notably the lack of corporate taxation. However, certain differences may make one jurisdiction more suited to some foreign investors, according to their type of business activity and the available capital. Our Belize company formation agents highlight the main aspects concerning offshore formation in these jurisdictions.

Company formation in Anguilla 

A notable difference in terms of company formation in Anguilla compared to Belize is that Anguilla imposes a higher statutory minimum authorized capital: 1,000,000 USD compared to the 50,000 in Belize.
Bot jurisdictions allow for the formation of an International Business Company with one director and one shareholder and entrepreneurs can further increase their level of privacy by using nominee director and shareholder services. 

Company formation in Belize

The public disclosure of directors and shareholders is needed neither in Belize nor in Anguilla. The beneficial owner can remain anonymous and Belize is known to be one of the offshore jurisdictions that allow for a high level of confidentiality. Compared to Anguilla, the registration of a new company will generally be faster, at three days compared to more than a week.
Like in other offshore jurisdictions, investors who open a company in Belize are not required to pay taxes and duties on their offshore income and do not need to file annual returns and audited accounts. The choice between the two jurisdictions will depend on the available minimum authorized capital and the effective geographical location.
Our company registration agents in Belize can help you incorporate an IBC, foundation or trust in Belize. Contact us for more information about the requirements for foreign investors in Belize and a complete description of the company set up process.



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