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Buy a Shelf Company in Belize

Updated on Friday 15th June 2018

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Buy-a-Shelf-Company-in-Belize.jpgThe International Business Company is the business form chosen by foreign investors who are interested in Belize offshore company formation. While entrepreneurs can choose to open a new company, they can also buy a shelf company in Belize.
The shelf company, or the ready-made company, is a business entity that has already been incorporated and that has not been involved in any business operations up to the time of the purchase.
Our Belize company formation agents describe the characteristics of the shelf company and why you should consider purchasing such a legal entity.
The following video ilustrates the process and the advantages of buying a shelf company:


The advantages of a shelf company in Belize

The main advantage of the shelf company in Belize is that investors need not to concern themselves with the Belize company registration process and thus save time. The ready-made IBC has already been registered with the Belize authorities and has an original name, the investor not needing to come up with a new corporate name,
Moreover, a shelf company is also referred to as an aged company precisely because it has been incorporated for some time, although it hasn’t been used for business activities. This can provide another important advantage, especially because the IBC has more credibility and respectability. 

How to purchase a ready-made company in Belize

Investors who do not wish to go through the process needed to open a company in Belize can buy a ready-made company with the help of our experts. There are many companies that provide shelf company services in Belize and due diligence is recommended when deciding to purchase a company.
Our agents who specialize in Belize company formation can help you purchase a company with a unique name, that has been registered and has a final configuration. Furthermore, we can help you apply for the needed special permits and licenses, as some business activities in Belize are regulated.
Contact us for more information about special Belize shelf-company packages and more details on the advantages of opening an offshore company in Belize.


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