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Fiduciary Services in Belize

Updated on Wednesday 03rd January 2018

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Fiduciary-Services-in-Belize.jpgInvestors who have opened an offshore company in Belize or those who are looking for a solution to manage their assets in the country can request our fiduciary services in Belize.
The fiduciary relationship or contract is based on an agreement between the fiduciant and the fiduciary in which the latter is empowered to manage assets. Our Belize company formation agents can also provide you with fiduciary asset management, tailored to your specific needs and as per your investment objectives in Belize.

Types of fiduciary services in Belize

Investors who open an offshore company in Belize will often do so because they are in need of an investment structure that can help them better manage their assets. 
Our Belize company registration specialists are ready to meet your needs with a personalized fiduciary services package, according to your specific investment requirements. The products and services we can provide include asset protection and wealth structuring, all based on the fiduciary relationship which is always performed in good faith and under a clear agreement.

Using fiduciary services in Belize

The fiduciary agreement is based on the transfer of ownership from the client (fiduciant) to the fiduciary. The fiduciary estate, or the assets that are entrusted to the fiduciary expert, are separate from the client’s personal wealth. In estate arrangements, which may be used by those foreign investors who open an offshore company in Belize, the fiduciary agreement is concluded between a trustee and a beneficiary. Under the agreement, the fiduciary will have the power to handle the assets, as per the best interest of the beneficiary. Foreign investors in Belize often resort to investment fiduciaries because they are in need of a local expert who can help them manage their assets in Belize.
Our agents have the needed experience to help you with Belize offshore company formation and can also offer any type of assistance needed for investments and asset management in the country.
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