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Updated on Friday 25th September 2020

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Investors who are interested in Belize offshore company formation often require specialized legal aid and legal representation while doing business in this jurisdiction. Working with a team of professional and experienced attorneys is important when seeking knowledgeable solutions to certain legal matters as well as when willing to engage in real estate purchase in Belize.
Our team of lawyers in Belize specializes in the Belize International Business Companies Act as well as the Real Estate Law and other legal areas of interest to foreign entrepreneurs. We are able to provide tailored legal services, as per the needs of our clients. We serve local and international companies as well as individual clients and we strive to find effective legal solutions in all cases.

Services offered by our lawyers in Belize

We offer a number of legal services and are able to accommodate the needs of corporate and individual investors who are interested in Belize company formation. The jurisdiction is a dynamic one that has grown into an important international financial center. The attractive corporate taxation regime and full foreign ownership are two of the reasons why many international investors choose to open a company here. What’s more, Belize is also attractive for real estate investments, due to its beautiful tropical island scenery and many foreign entrepreneurs choose to purchase property here as means of investing in the tourism sector or simply for relocation purposes. 
Our team of lawyers in Belize is ready to answer all of your questions regarding the local laws and regulations for foreigners. Specialized legal aid is of importance not only for corporate purposes but also for due diligence and compliance in private investments. 
Some of our services are the following:
  • Corporate: we provide legal assistance for Belize company registration; our lawyers are able to help foreign investors establish limited liability companies or the popular IBC, the international business company that is used for offshore purposes;
  • Banking and finance: our team offers services related to banking and finance, from opening a bank account in Belize to more complex issues concerning lending and legal representation in case of financial services providers; 
  • Intellectual property: our division specializing in Intellectual Property Law is ready to answer any questions concerning trademark registration and how you can protect your brand in Belize;
  • Real estate: are you looking to purchase property in the Caribbean? we offer complete legal services during the real estate transfer and assist clients with real estate due diligence; 
  • Others: our practice areas also include civil litigation, fraud, estate and succession as well as other services.
We invite you to reach out to our lawyers in Belize for a complete list of the areas of law in which we are able to provide ongoing assistance. 

Belize company formation lawyers

The main focus of our practice are corporate and commercial services, aimed at investors and international companies that are interested in establishing a business here. We serve both international corporate clients as well as international entrepreneurs who wish to take advantage of the regime applicable to companies in this jurisdiction. Opening a company in Belize is advantageous for a number of reasons, among which we can mention tax neutrality, full foreign ownership as well as the ability to use the International Business Company for a variety of business purposes.
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Several steps are essential when opening a company here and out team is able to assist during this time with all and any needed legal advice.
The Belize company formation steps are outlined below by our lawyers:
  1. Select the business form: many investors choose to open a Belize International Business Company; this offers full foreign ownership;
  2. Provide the documents: our lawyers can help you open a company in Belize and for this purpose you will need to provide the documents that are used to indicate the shareholders (IDs, proof of address, etc);
  3. Prepare for registration: the Articles of Association and the Memorandum are prepared and the company is registered with the Registry of International Business Companies;
  4. Licensing: our lawyers in Belize are also able to help you obtain special licenses for companies that require them (for financial services companies in general).
Companies in Belize are required to observe the annual license fee payments set by the Government as follows:
  • - 100$ when the authorized capital does not exceed 50,000 $ and the shares have par value;
  • - 350 when the capital does not exceed 50,000 $ and some or all of the shares have par value or when the company has no authorized share capital and all shares have no par value;
  • - 1,000 $ when the authorized capital exceeds 50,000 $.
Our lawyers in Belize can give you complete details about all of the provisions included in the International Business Companies Law. Contact us for more information about our services.

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