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Set Up an Offshore Company in Belize vs Seychelles

Updated on Friday 03rd September 2021

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Set-Up-an-Offshore-Company-in-Belize-vs-Seychelles.jpgInvestors who wish to choose a suitable jurisdiction to base an offshore company have a number of options, each with its own particularities and also with several similarities. The key characteristic of most offshore jurisdictions is that they do not impose corporate taxation. However, when deciding to set up an offshore company in Belize vs Seychelles, or other jurisdictions, investors are faced with a series of questions.
Our Belize company formation agents highlight the main issues to consider when deciding where to incorporate a new offshore company.
The following video presented by our agents highlights some of the most important differences between these two jurisdictions:


Open an offshore company in Seychelles

Most offshore jurisdictions that have made a name for themselves in terms of attractiveness for investors offer similar advantages. These include easy company formation, no corporate taxation, a minimum number of directors and shareholders and a lack of reporting requirements and they apply both to those who open an offshore company in Belize and those who choose Seychelles. 
Compared to Seychelles, investors who open a company in Belize benefit from the same advantages in terms of taxation (there is no corporate income tax). The level of privacy for investors is perceived as a high one in Belize and this is an important advantage. For example, Belize is not only a tax haven as may other offshore jurisdictions, but also a location where the banking regulations are in favor of the investor – there is no need to disclose the name of a bank account holder. An exception only applies when the owner is under criminal investigation and such disclosure is requested by the court.

Open an offshore company in Belize 

Belize is a good location to incorporate a legal entity that will need a Forex license. Another advantage for investors in Belize is that English is the official language. English is an official language in Seychelles as well, however, it is competing with French as usage among foreign investors. Moreover, this jurisdiction is considered a safe one and also one that has one of the highest degrees of confidentiality for investors.
Our Belize offshore company formation agents can provide complete assistance for company incorporation along with a set of other special services for offshore investors. When you decide to incorporate, you should also take into account the fact that you will need to follow the steps to open a bank account in Belize in most cases.
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