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What is a Registered Agent in Belize?

Updated on Sunday 21st January 2018

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What-is-a-Registered-Agent-in-Belize.jpgThe International Business Company in Belize is the preferred legal structure for offshore company formation purposes. While it has a simple and straightforward registration procedure, and minimal accounting and reporting requirements, there are a few key aspects to be considered, including the role of the registered agent in Belize.
What is a registered agent in Belize? A licensed individual who is responsible for updating certain corporate documents and, in general, with the lawful and proper functioning of the company.
Our Belize company formation agents can give you complete information about the role and appointment of the registered agent and can help you with adequate registered agent services in Belize.

The legal requirement for having a registered agent in Belize

Foreign investors who open a company in Belize are required to do so by observing the provisions of the International Business Companies Act. According to law, an IBC shall have a registered office in Belize and a registered agent in Belize at all times.
The registered agent is appointed during the Belize offshore company formation process and he may be changed by means of a Director’s resolution and after the change is included in an amendment to that company’s Memorandum. The resolution to change the registered agent in Belize or the registered office becomes effective within three business days after a notification was sent to the registered agent.

Licensed registered agents in Belize

The IBC Act in Belize requires of all appointed registered agents to be licensed by the International Financial Services Commission. A list of the registered agents in Belize is kept and updated by the Companies Registry in Belize and all changes are duly notified and recorded.
Belize registered agents may choose to cease their activities with a particular IBC. In this case, hey must give a written notice to the company director or officer.
One of our Belize offshore company formation agents can give you additional details on the appointment and removal of the registered agent.
Contact us for more information and assistance on opening a company in Belize. 


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