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Why Open an Offshore Company in Belize?

Updated on Wednesday 22nd September 2021

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Why-Open-an-Offshore-Company-in-Belize.jpgOffshore companies present a number of advantages to investors, primarily related to the minimization of the tax obligations. Choosing the offshore jurisdiction is an important element after deciding that an offshore legal entity is suitable for one’s business purposes.
Why open an offshore company in Belize? Investors can explore the main advantages of this jurisdiction, as they are presented by our Belize company formation agents.
The video below presented by our company registration experts highlights some of the most important advantages Belize has to offer as an offshore jurisdiction: 


Easy company formation

Foreign investors who open a company in Belize enjoy a very simple and expedite company formation process. The International Business Company is the type of legal entity preferred by offshore investors and has low incorporation and management requirements. 

Important tax benefits

Undeniably, one of the main advantages of those who open an offshore company in Belize is related to taxation. There are no corporate taxes in Belize and as such there no requirements for annual reporting. Some accounting requirements are in place and one of our local Belize experts can help you with adequate information about these.

High privacy for investors, compared to other offshore locations

Belize is a jurisdiction that implements a set of very advantageous policies related to the privacy of company directors. For example, in the Bahamas company directors are required to disclose personal information while in Belize the information concerning company directors is not publicly available.
What’s more, Belize does not have an exchange control policy and the banking regulations are also formulated to the advantages of the bank account holder. The only situation in which the bank account information may be disclosed is if the individual is subject to an ongoing criminal investigation.
Our team of Belize offshore company formation agents can help foreign investors every step of the way during the company incorporation procedure. Moreover, we provide a number of services connected to offshore company formation and management.
Contact us for complete assistance for opening an offshore company in Belize.

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