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Create an Offshore Company in Belize

Updated on Wednesday 29th January 2020

Belize is one of the most popular international locations for offshore companies. The country is a diverse one and its culture reflects its many influences and historic heritage. The population is multilingual and English is the official language, making the country an ideal place to base an international business.
The Belize company registration process is a quick and easy one and can be accomplished in just a matter of one to two days. Moreover, the extremely advantageous taxation principles in this jurisdiction attract a significant number of investors.
You can open an offshore company in Belize for the following activities:
- international businesses and trading;
- e-commerce;
- movable and immovable property custody;
- intellectual property management;
- inheritance purposes.
The International Business Companies Act and the Offshore Banking Act govern the company formation process in this jurisdiction. A few requirements and restrictions are in place, such as the fact that the International Business Company (IBC) – the offshore business entity type – can only be used for international investment and business activities and not for primary trading with Belize companies. Moreover, the IBC cannot own real estate in Belize. One of our Belize offshore company formation agents can give you more details on these characteristics. In case you would like to start an offshore company in another jurisdiction and your need specialized assistance, our partners who are experts in offshore company formation procedures can help you.
Foreign entrepreneurs who open an IBC in Belize have the following advantages:
  • - no taxes: the Belize International Business Company is not subject to taxes or duty on profits and the same applies to stamp duties. 
  • - no minimum paid-up capital: there are no mandatory requirements for the paid-up capital of an IBC although a minimum amount is recommended.
  • - just one director and one shareholder: the incorporation requirements are very low and the company can be formed with just one shareholder and one director who can be one and the same person.
  • - fast and easy bank account set up: opening a bank account in Belize is a simple process and also a fast one.
  • - complete privacy with nominee directors: investors who wish to enjoy the highest degree of confidentiality possible can use nominee director and shareholder services in Belize.
  • - guaranteed confidentiality and financial privacy: Belize is a jurisdiction that values the privacy of the foreign investors and no disclosures are needed when forming a company.

No taxes

The top reason why Belize is considered a tax haven is that offshore companies incorporated here do not pay taxes on the income they derive from abroad. Moreover, dividend payments made by offshore companies in Belize to non-Belize citizens are also tax exempt. This tax-free business environment determined many foreign investors to open a company in Belize

No capital requirements

There are no specific requirements on the paid-up capital of the offshore company. The share capital may be deposited in any currency and there are minimum government fees upon the incorporation of a new Belize offshore company.

Just one company director

A Belize International Business Company can be incorporated with just one director and one shareholder and there are no requirements for a local secretary. The company director and shareholder can be one and the same person. Another recommendation is to include a registered agent service.

Easy bank account set up

Your offshore company in Belize will need a bank account, in most cases complete with e-banking services. Our company formation agents can help you open this account. 
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Minimal accounting requirements 

Companies in Belize must keep their accounting records at their registered office or with their registered agent. However, there are no requirements for annual filing and auditing. 

Nominee directors in Belize

Belize has a high degree of investor privacy protection and there are no public records for companies. Nevertheless, investors who wish to have full anonymity can request our nominee director services, provided by our team of Belize company registration agents. We can provide both nominee director and nominee shareholder services if you wish to open an offshore company in this country.

Guaranteed confidentiality 

Belize deserves its reputation as an international offshore company jurisdiction because of its laws concerning investor confidentiality and financial privacy. The country imposes certain laws that prohibit the disclosure of bank account information, the disclosure being possible only in the event of criminal investigations and if a court order is issued. Moreover, investors benefit from an even greater degree of bank account confidentiality, as there are no exchange control policies and no restrictions on currency movements in/out of the country.
The offshore company is required to have a registered office, however, this does not mean that you will need to be present at this location. One of our Belize company formation agents can help you observe the requirements for having a locally registered office for your offshore company. In case you are considering starting an offshore company in another jurisdiction than Belize, we can put you in contact with our partners from www.companyincorporationpanama.com.

The IBC in Belize

The Belize International Business Company is the business structure incorporated by offshore investors, used for international business purposes. The particularities of the legal entity type are described in the International Business Companies Act of the Laws of Belize. The laws for company incorporation are attractive because of the fact that they meet the needs of international investors and the creation of the IBC as a business entity type was an important step in transforming Belize into one of the top offshore centers in the world.
The requirements for this type of company are very flexible, another key point of interest to foreign investors. The name can be in English but it does not have to be limited to one language as non-English names are permitted. The shares can be denominated into any currency and, most importantly, as already stated, this business entity is tax-free.
The IBC in Belize is incorporated in just one day when all of the documents are in order. One of our Belize company formation agents can help you during the registration so that the entire process can run a smooth course.
The following steps need to be completed in order to open an International Business Company in Belize:
- The name: the name of the company should be unique and will include the abbreviation of the business form.
- Information about the directors: the company directors and shareholders must provide a set of identification documents (the information is not disclosed publicly).
- Fill in the incorporation form: contains information about the name of the company, the authorized capital and a specific description of the nature of the company activities.
The Belize IBC can be used for a variety of international business purposes, specific or general ones. In some cases, business licenses will be needed to run the business. An example includes Forex trading licenses
Although Belize offers a fast incorporation process, investors may still want to acquire a shelf company. This is an existing and registered legal entity that has not been used for trading or business purposes and thus has a clean record and no debts. Some of these companies can be year-old and their price will vary. In Belize, investors can purchase shelf companies that allow registered bearer shares or companies that do not allow bearer shares.
We recommend that investors explore all of their available options when opening a company in Belize and request assistance for due diligence whenever needed.
You can contact us if you need professional and efficient assistance in order to open an offshore company in Belize or if you want to start doing business in other countries. Investors interested in investing in another jurisdiction, for example in Luxembourg are invited to contact our partners - fiduciaire-luxembourg.com.

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