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Company Formation Belize


Open an Offshore Company (IBC) in Belize

Updated on Tuesday 29th May 2018

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The Belize International Business Company (IBC) is a type of private company that can be incorporated in Belize under the local IBC laws which are specific to this jurisdiction. It has a set of characteristics that make it appropriate for foreign investors and popular among those who wish to open an offshore company.
The Belize IBC is an advantageous type of offshore company used by investors interested in trading but also for tax planning and asset protection. 
This type of company is easy to incorporate and has many advantages from the taxation point of view. Our Belize company formation agents can give you in-depth details about the investment climate in the country and the many advantages for foreign investors who set up an offshore corporation here.
Our agents invite you to watch the following video on the formation of an IBC in Belize:


The characteristics of the Belize IBC

The table below summarizes some of the main characteristics of the International Business Company in Belize:
Characteristic Description
Suited to many business needs The international business company (IBC) is a type of company suited for traders, consultants in various fields or entrepreneurs who wish to open an online business. Likewise, it can be easily used for inheritance or tax planning purposes.
A minimum number of restrictions A number of restrictions do apply in terms of owning shares, stock or securities in a local company and for owning immovable property in Belize.
No need for special permits The international business company can, in most cases, operate without special permits and licenses. There are a few restrictions, however, and the application and licensing in these cases is performed with the International Financial Commission. They apply for the provision of international insurance services, payment processing services, trading in foreign exchange, accounting services and a number of other business activities. 
No taxes The special taxation regime for the IBC is perhaps one of the greatest advantages for investors. The company is exempt from corporate taxation in Belize and has no mandatory annual reporting requirements. 


Our Belize company registration specialists can give you more details on the particularities of using an IBC as an investment and/or tax planning vehicle.


Easy Belize offshore company formation

Investors need to follow a few steps in order to open an offshore company in Belize. The company can be incorporated in as little as twenty-four hours if all the documents are in order and the name check and reservations are complete.
Belize is a recognized offshore center, with a fast company registration procedure and high investor confidentiality. This last trait is an important one for many investors because it allows them to incorporate a company without having to disclose their identity. There is no mandatory record of the beneficial owners, company directors and shareholders and investors can choose to appoint a nominee director and/or shareholder. The identity of the registered agent will be made public, however, this is a service that can be provided upon request and it is also offered by our team of experts.
You can contact our Belize company registration experts for more information on the incorporation of an IBC and further details on company management and control. 


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