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Open an Offshore Company in Belize vs BVI

Updated on Monday 18th June 2018

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Open-an-Offshore-Company-in-Belize-vs-BVI.jpgBoth Belize and the British Virgin Islands are two key jurisdictions in terms of offshore company benefits and advantages for investors. The two locations share a series of characteristics customary to these types of legal entities.
Our Belize company formation specialists present a succinct comparison about what investors should consider when they decide to open an offshore company in Belize versus BVI
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Open an offshore company in BVI

The British Virgin Islands or BVI remains one of the most respected offshore destinations, particularly because it is one of the oldest. Since its development, other offshore financial centers or tax havens have adopted and improved the business model used for a BVI company.
In most respects, the conditions for company formation are similar in Belize and BVI. A difference between Belize and the British Virgin Islands is that the latter does not allow for bearer shares. Both jurisdictions allow for a minimum number of shareholders and directors and do not impose taxes on company profits for offshore corporations. The BVI is preferred by investors who target specific types of business activities, such as opening an offshore hedge fund. 

Open an offshore company in Belize

Belize is a popular location to base an offshore company for those investors who wish to run an offshore banking business or an international trade company. Other popular uses include Forex trading and offshore e-businesses. 
The corporate laws in Belize are very beneficial for international investors, not only in terms of company formation and management but also in terms of confidentiality. This jurisdiction is known to be one of the offshore centers that focus on a high degree of investor/company director and shareholder confidentiality. Company owners do not need to disclose personal information when incorporating the IBC and, furthermore, convenient laws protect bank account disclosures (this is done only in special circumstances). 
Company formation in Belize and BVI is a simple and assisted process. Foreign investors have access to a selected range of services offered by our Belize company registration agents.
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