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Start a Mutual Fund in Belize

Updated on Thursday 26th January 2023

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Start-a-Mutual-Fund-in-Belize.jpgThe mutual fund is a type of investment vehicle that combines asses derived from a larger number of investors. In Belize, a mutual fund is a public fund that is governed by the Mutual Funds Act.
Our Belize company registration agents can offer complete assistance to investors who wish to start a mutual fund in Belize.

The advantages of a mutual fund in Belize

The Mutual Fund Act is the principal law governing the formation and management of open-end investment vehicles. It recognizes three types of funds, the public fund, the private and the professional funds.
The public fund is the one that offers its shares to any individual in the general public. This is why there are different requirements for the regulation and the registration of the mutual fund.
According to law, the mutual fund is a company or a partnership that collects investments from a number of individuals for the purpose of mutual or collective investment and issues shares that will entitle the holder to receive a certain amount, as per the investment conditions.
Setting up a mutual fund in Belize is advantageous because of the tax minimization advantages and because Belize offers a high degree of investor confidentiality. Moreover, the mutual investment fund will be managed by a registered fund manager. Another advantage that is specific to this type of investment fund is diversification: mutual funds in Belize can invest in different types of securities.

Setting up a mutual fund in Belize

In order to open a mutual fund in Belize, investors will need to follow a few steps. It is useful to know that our team of Belize company formation agents can assist you throughout the initial phases and with the registration of the fund.
Investors need to draw up an investment plan and draft the fund’s constitutive documents once they have decided upon the structure of the public fund.
Our agents can give you more information on the policies and guidelines for Belize mutual funds as well as the regulations that are specific for these types of funds.
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