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The Share Capital of a Belize IBC

Updated on Wednesday 13th June 2018

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The-Share-Capital-of-a-Belize-IBC.jpgThe share capital of a Belize IBC has a standard value of 50,000 $ and it is divided into shares of equal value. This capital is one of the main requirements for foreign investors who wish to open a company in Belize.
Our team of agents who specialize in Belize company formation can help you follow through with these requirements and start your business as soon as possible.

Requirements for an IBC in Belize 

The share capital or the authorized capital of the International Business Company is one of the aspects that need to be taken into consideration by investors who wish to open an offshore company in Belize.
The following list outlines the most important requirements for these types of companies, including the needed minimum capital:
  • - corporate structure: only one director and one shareholder who do not have to be Belize residents; the same person can act as the director and the shareholder.
  • - share capital: a recommended minimum amount of 50,000 US$ with at least one issued share and the possibility to issue bearer shares, under special conditions.
  • - taxation: companies in Belize are not subject to corporate taxation, an important advantage for those who open an offshore company in Belize.
  • - financial statements: there is no need for annual filing in Belize; the company is required only to keep a minimal record. 

About the share capital for a Belize IBC

The share capital of an offshore company in Belize has, as stated above, a usual value of 50,000 US $ and it is divided into equal shares of 1 US$ each. These shares can be issued with par value or without and upon incorporation at least one share must be issued.
The law allows for great flexibility in terms of company share capital in Belize. There are no mandatory requirements for the fixed amount of 50,000 US$, however, in practice, this amount is advantageous for investors as the share capital will influence the payable fees to the Government upon the incorporation of the company. For example, the fee is higher if the company has no par value shares than when it has an authorized capital of 50,000 US$. 
Because these fees can be subject to local legislative changes, investors are advised to seek adequate information. Our team of Belize company registration agents can give you all the needed details.
Contact us for more information on how to open a Belize IBC and the different requirements applicable to foreign investors.

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