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Offshore Company Management in Belize

Updated on Friday 08th October 2021

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Offshore Company-Manageme-t in-Belize.jpgInvestors who open an offshore company in Belize have two distinct options for the management of the business.
Offshore company management in Belize can be performed either directly, by the beneficial owner or through an appointed party, the nominee director. We highlight the advantages of each form of company management.

Direct offshore company control

The main issues to consider by investors who wish to act as the company directors themselves are the following:
  • Tax evasion charges: foreign investors who choose to act as company directors in Belize should be aware of any possible consequences in terms of taxation, meaning that they could face accusations of tax evasion.
  • Minimum confidentiality: when running the offshore as the beneficial owner, the investor does not benefit from the highest level of confidentiality in Belize.
  • The costs: when the owner is also the director, the annual company management costs are lower;
  • The organizational structure: when no nominee director is involved, the overall managerial structure of the Belize IBC remains simpler.

Nominee director control in Belize

Investors who open a company in Belize can also appoint a nominee director. This is the preferred option when they require a high level of confidentiality or protection from possible accusations of conducting unregistered business in their home country. 
The main advantage of having a nominee director is that there will be no official record of the actual owner of the company. Belize does not make it mandatory to disclose the beneficial owners in the Registry, however, the identity of the director could come to the knowledge of the general public. When choosing to work with a nominee, the individual appointed to act as director will perform the needed activities as instructed by the beneficial owner. The nominee director will be involved in the activities of the company, to the benefit of the actual owner of the company.
If you wish to act as the director and the beneficial owner and are considering Belize permanent residency, our agents can answer any questions.
For more information about company management, please contact our Belize company registration agents.

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